Terms and Conditions

Heating Oil Terms

  • I certify that my fuel storage tank and all connected piping are in good operating condition, free from leaks, and installed according to local building code. I understand that you are prohibited from making deliveries in cases where my equipment is not in proper operating order, such as inoperable vent alarm (whistle), PVC piping, or other unsafe or environmentally risky circumstance. I also understand that if a delivery is attempted at my property but my fuel storage system is found to be in an unsafe condition, I may incur a minimum delivery fee.
  • I agree that if I am paying by credit or debit card and are ordering a quantity less than "fill tank", my credit card will be authorized at the time of order for the total estimated price plus 1% to allow for any incidental meter stop overage . Following delivery, I understand that my credit or debit card will only be charged for the quantity of oil that is delivered.
  • I understand that once my order is confirmed, and due to the automated nature of our order and delivery system, my order cannot be cancelled.