Bonded Oil's exclusive WinterGuard fuel oil additive is included FREE
in every gallon we deliver!

At Bonded Oil, we go the extra mile to make sure our customers have a superior experience when doing business with us, and with the performance of the oil purchased from us.  That's why we include our exclusive fuel oil additive, WinterGuard.  Other versions of a similar additive is normally an up charge at other oil suppliers...but at Bonded Oil, our special additive is FREE...included at no additional cost per gallon to our customers.

How it works - Bonded's WinterGuard helps to prevent gelling of our oil, caused by extremely low temperatures.  If oil gels, obviously your oil burner will be starved of fuel and stop running.   WinterGuard helps lower the temperature at which oil begins to gel, keeping oil flowing to your furnace or boiler in conditions that otherwise may cause you to experience a no-heat situation.

It's our way of ensuring your heating system runs troublefree, and continuing to earn your business.

Thanks for your loyal patronage!